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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1 – Enrolment & confirmation

By enrolling, you accept the contract and travel terms and conditions of Imparoinglese. The enrolment can be handwritten / sent by email, made through our website. Once we have received your enrolment, we will confirm your language stay within 7 days. We inform you quickly and propose an alternative course if the courses(s) you have chosen are full.

2. Payment

The deposit amount of £250 (Pound Sterlin) is to be paid following the reception of the enrolment confirmation. The balance is due at the latest 4 weeks prior to the course start. If the enrolment is made less than 4 weeks prior to the course start, the total balance is to be paid once you have received the invoice. The total payment must reach us prior to your departure. In the case of non-payment of the deposit and/or balance, your booking may be cancelled by Imparoinglese (according to the conditions of cancellation mentioned in point 4). Your file is sent to you following reception of the full payment (around 10 days prior to your departure). International banking fees totalling £10 will be charged for any money transfer made by Imparoinglese to its partner schools or to you in case of refund. You will be charged the banking fees for money transfer from your bank account to Imparoinglese account.

3. Changes to booking

Prior to your departure

For every change in booking taking place prior to your departure, we invoice a charge of a minimum £50 and a maximum £100. A change of school is considered as a cancellation in accordance with the conditions specified in point 4.

Following your departure

Following your departure, any change in the initial arrangement does not bring about a reopening of your file. Contact the school directly if you are leaving the school prematurely, wish to change your accommodation option or want to ask for any other change.

4. Cancellation

An eventual cancellation needs to reach us by registered letter (email).

St Giles International

If the cancellation occurs more than 21 days prior to your departure, a fee of GBP150 is invoiced to you. If cancellation occurs less than 21 days before the course begins (including students who fail to arrive without notice) the following fees are invoiced to you: tuition fees for 2 weeks plus Accommodation Deposit £100. Students booked in to students who residence halls must also pay 2 weeks’ accommodation fees. The UK Visa Fee (£10), airport transfer charges and express mail fees are not refundable.

EastbourneSchoolof English

Cancellation before arrival. Imparoinglese must receive cancellation in writing by post or email at least 14 days before the start of the course. In the case that more than 14 days’ notice of cancellation is given, any tuition fees paid will be refunded less the deposit of £250. In the case that less than 14 days’ notice of cancellation are given, any tuition fees paid will be refunded less the deposit of £250 and 1 week’s tuition fees.

Cancellation after arrival. Acceptance of an enrolment is made on the understanding that the student will remain for the duration of the course booked. Tuition and registration fees are non-refundable once you have started the course.Tuition and registration fees are non-refundable in the case of late- or non-arrival for the course.

Language Teaching Centre

Cancellations will normally be charged a £50 administration fee increasing to £200 for cancellations received less than 14 days before the start of the course. When cancellations are made due to visa refusal we will normally refund all fees paid with no cancellation fee. This is subject to the production of an official notice or letter of refusal from the immigration authorities with a date which supports the timing of the cancellation.

5-Conditions of admission into destination country.

All of the conditions imposed by your trip abroad (obtaining a visa, valid insurance, customs formalities, etc.) are your responsibility. The schools provide you with the information

given by the embassies and help you in the steps towards obtaining a visa. You are responsible for respecting all of the major instructions concerning your journey. If you fail to do so, the fees, in particular the cancellation fees, will be at your expense.

6-Reserved rights of the organiser

Imparoinglese and our partner schools reserve the right to refuse an enrolment or to expel a participant if his/her behaviour detracts from the smooth running of the programme, if it contravenes the rules of the establishment or if it breaks

the law of the host country, all of the fees, including the return journey, fines, etc. are at the expense of the participant or of his/her parents. The participants, or their legal guardian, are also responsible for any damages or losses caused during their stay.

7-Responsibility of the organiser

Imparoinglese cannot be held responsible for the impossibility of assuring the services initially planned by reason of failure of its service providers, conflicts, or serious problems outside of its control. Imparoinglese can in no case be held responsible in the case of an accident in the place of the stay or during the journey. Imparoinglese assumes no responsibility for compensation requests linked to airline agreements. The passenger is notified that Imparoinglese does not organise airline journeys. Imparoinglese cannot be held responsible for any eventual changes to the programme (courses, classes, accommodation details, etc.) which its partner schools may be forced to make. Imparoinglese reserves the right to change, without prior notice, the content of its brochure as well as the chosen service providers.

8-Price changes

Imparoinglese reserves the right to modify the prices in the case of unpredictable changes, such as monetary fluctuations, an increase in transport costs, the introduction or increase of State taxes like airport taxes or VAT.

9-Course material

All of the course material is not automatically included in the price of the stay. In this case, it is to be paid on-site and varies depending on the development of your language level (duration of stay), according to the chosen programme (specific courses, exam preparation courses), or according to the personal needs of the students (support, one-to-one classes). To give you an idea, the price of course material varies between £20 and £100.


Any complaint must be made directly to the school and during the duration of your stay. If your approach to the school is not effective, contact Imparoinglese. If the problem cannot be solved directly, you can demand a written report from the school and address it to us with your complaint, at the latest 30 days following your return. Any complaint made after this deadline is inadmissible.

11-Bank holidays

If teaching does not take place on bank holidays and if the classes are not made up for by our partner schools, the missed hours are not reimbursed.