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All of our services aim to make your stay exclusive and comfortable. Our  Italian team is located in Eastbourne so that we can provide assistance. Sometimes even simple tasks can be difficult when you are speaking a foreign language, for this reason we are there to help you with everything. We will help you to manage all of the practical aspects of living in a new country but also we will organise a lot of activities for a social life full of fun!

  •  —Transport to/from the airport.
  • —Rent a bike: if you enjoying moving around the town with freedom.*
  • —We help, in case of any problems with your accommodation or school.
  • —Tour of the town and information of services and amenities.*
  • —Organisation of trips to London, Brighton, Canterbury  and tailor-made visits, tell us where you will like to go and we  plan everything for you.
  • —Special prices and discounts for selected top restaurants, bars, clubs and shops.*
  • —Information about  transport links, trains, taxi and special price privileges.
  • —Weekly monitoring of your stay.
 *Service availabe for the courses in Eastbourne, or on request for Brighton and London